Why Hire Tex-Pro Inspections
Our Commitments
  • Abiding by the Texas Real Estate Commissions (TREC) Code of Ethics  
  • Abiding by the Texas Real Estate Commissions (TREC) Standards of Practice  
  • Registered Inspector with the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC)  
  • Registered as a Harris County Residential Building Code Inspector (HCPID) 
Our Work
  • We are independent. We work for you, our client and not for the agent. We work hard to protect you and your investment  
  • Because we have several well trained, quality, licensed, professional inspectors on staff, we are never too busy to help you We never say NO  
  • We are a multiple inspector, full service inspection company.  
  • We are available Saturdays, Sundays and most holidays
Our Report
  • Our reports are delivered the following day  
  • We are very thorough. Taking our time to insure a quality home inspection and quality inspection report  
  • We own and use high-tech equipment, such as a gas leak detector and Infra-red temperature gauge  
  • We use a Supra Key for your convenience in scheduling 
  • Pools, Spas, Septic tanks, Wells, Decks, Sprinkler Systems, Termites and other insects; We have the resources to handle it all 
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Cell: (713) 876 - 2298